Reach for new horizons! High Flyers Bali


The flying trapeze use to be an exotic activity best left to professional circus performers. Not anymore. Soaring to new heights of poplarity, trapeze has become almost mainstream. 

Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio have taken classes in Woodland Hills,  just outside LA.

Fitness fiends bored with crunches find trapeze an exhilerating way to stay in shape. 

Think Yoga an Pilates, where participants learn to attune their bodies with their minds, then add a healthy dose of "Fear Factor".

For those hit with mid-life crisis, trapeze helps shake things up, sparing them the need to abandon carreers or spouses instead. 

The trapeze was invented in the 19th century by Frenchman Jules Leotard, who also designed the eponymous outfit worn while on it. And it was Leonard who inspired the 1867 song "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze". 

Swinging on the trapeze is a fun, core-strengthening way to add variety to a workout.

"Flying" builds muscle strength, stamina, balance and coordination. Then there's the mind thing.

Daring young men and women, not always with the greatest of ease, are taking flying trapeze classes to give their fitness workouts a jolt.

Flying trapeze requires the mental ability to challenge yourself.

Rather than targeting certain specific muscles as you would in a gym, all of your muscles will be worked at once, in each fl. A trapeze workout will utilize and stenghten muscles you didn't even realize you had, and you will have a blast doing it.

Flying enthusiasts claim trapeze work builds muscle strength, stamina, balance and coordination.

Here's to having more empowereing, blissful moments! Now get out there and get swinging!

You'll swivel, swoop and soar as your instructor takes you through a series of challenging moves. It's an all over workout incorporating cardio, strength and flexibility. You'll work your abs, legs, arms, glutes and you'll probably even work some muscles you didn't know you had. All of that, plus you'll feel like you're flying.

Advice from a veteran trapeze performer Throw your heart over the bars and your body will follow.
(Author Unknown)