Reach for new horizons! High Flyers Bali


Are you tired of the same boring teambuilding in conference rooms? 

Based at the Bali Dynasty Resort, High Flyers Bali offer a unique programme for teambuilding with flying trapeze and cirus activities.

Flying trapeze pushes boundaries allowing participants to face and overcome their fears, builds confidence and self esteem. It provides a platform for team motivation, as other team members will encourage and support fellow team members as well as being alot of fun.

The trapeze is ideally suited for groups of 10-12 for a session lasting approximately 90 minutes. This can be combined with other activities for longer teambuilding programmes or for larger groups, which can be split and rotated around the different activities.

Other activities we can offer alongside flying trapeze are:

Circus Tricks

Participants can try their hand at juggling, spinning plates and diabolo. A fun activity which tests their coordination  and determination not to be beaten. Fellow team members will tend to help each other in mastering thee trick.

Body balancing

This is basic acrobatics which encourages participants to build trust in fellow colleagues in a fun way, whilst performing tricks they never thought possible.

Traffic jam

A team puzzle which incorporates many of the learning points in teambuilding activities, including communication, handling problems and conflicts and planning and organisation.

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