Reach for new horizons! High Flyers Bali

After School Activity

High Flyers Bali is pleased to offer the opportunity to Bali schools to experience the exhilaration and excitement of the circus by offering a special after school activity programme offering students a unique, new and different activity.

Risk tasking is an integral element of personal growth and Flying Trapeze is a fun and original way to approach development in this area. Our flyers participate in an activity which challenges them both physically and mentally, as it requires them to take a leap of faith and place their trust in our staff and equipment.

Flying Trapeze is not a competitive sport. It requires teams of people to work together and place implicit trust in their teammates in order to achieve their mutual goal.

Flying Trapeze carries an inherent “Fear Factor” and pushes participants to try something they previously had not contemplated. This fear is harnessed within a supportive and safe environment and our highly trained staff ensure that each participant is safe and secure at all times during the training session. The experience is as safe as it is exciting!

         Students explore their individual personal strengths during each training session. As they progress and master new tricks they grow confidence in their own abilities within a safe, controlled and supportive environment.

         Students experience the exhilaration of overcoming their own fears as well as supporting and encouraging teammates in their efforts.

         The development of new skills and experiences inspires growth of self-esteem and translates to a stronger sense of self.

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