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High Flyers Bali offers a unique opportunity for your company to include Flying Trapeze in your corporate training and team building programmes.

Flying Trapeze is not a competitive sport. It requires teams of people to work together and place implicit trust in their teammates in order to achieve their mutual goal. The activity itself carries an inherent “Fear Factor” and pushes participants to try something they previously had not contemplated. This fear is harnessed within a supportive and safe environment and our highly trained staff ensure that each participant is safe and secure at all times during the training session. The experience is as safe as it is exciting!

Personal Development - Risk tasking is an integral element of personal growth and Flying Trapeze is a fun and original way to approach corporate training in this area.
Team members explore their individual personal strengths during the training session. Individuals grow confidence in their own abilities within a safe, controlled and supportive environment. Participants experience the exhilaration of overcoming their own fears as well as supporting and encouraging teammates in their efforts. The development of new skills and experiences inspires growth of self-esteem and translates to a stronger sense of self.

Professional Development – Flying Trapeze is a valuable vehicle available for training and development programmes as it requires teamwork and promotes harmony. Areas in which a Flying trapeze activity can be most useful include Collaboration, Trust and Communication, Presentation Skills, Conflict Management, and Team Building. While participating in the flying trapeze individuals are encouraged to step out of their normal comfort zone, break down self-imposed and/or standard workplace boundaries and earn to trust their co-workers. Everyone has fun while uniting to achieve mutual goals and grow team spirit.

Our programmes can be tailored to your needs and goals. We can include a combination of flying trapeze with other trust and team-building activities on the ground. We are able to tailor a programme which caters specifically to the fitness levels and abilities of your team members and we are happy to liaise with other trainers you may have to incorporate a trapeze activity as part of a larger more comprehensive programme that you may be planning.

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